Cyborg RAT 9

Best Gaming Mouse - Cyborg RAT 9

The Cyborg RAT 9

Cyborg RAT 9, ($130.00)

The Cyborg Rat 9, where do we start.

There is no doubt that this mouse stands out from the crowd, you could be forgiven for thinking it is very clunky looking however, don’t let the strange futuristic looks deceive you, beneath this masterpiece of engineering is one of the worlds best made mice.

Most Expensive Gaming Mouse?

The Cyborg RAT 9 is pure advantage in your right hand, this deadly rodent should see off even the most perpetual pursuer.  It is built from a custom designed lightweight aluminum chassis, with fully customizable shape and contour fittings to suit every conceivable hand and playing style.

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It is the Cyborg “Top Mouse”, and, with a $130 dollar price tag, it certainly isn’t cheap, it is in fact one the most expensive gaming mice about. The best is always more expensive though, and in this case that is a point made true. It is a nimble creature when required, yet can be a ferocious as a Lion.

The Cyborg Rat 9 utilises the next generation wireless standard, 2.4Ghz, with ZERO latency. Yep, you read that right, ZERO. Now you can have a wireless mouse.

The Cyborg Rat 9

The Cyborg RAT 9

Fitted with a TWIN EYE laser sensor and a 1ms response time, this mouse tracks at 6ms, it truly is the Pro Gamers Choice.

I mentioned it had a lightweight aluminum chassis, don’t let that make you think this beast is light, far from it; we feel that the weight balance is perfect and even then, if you are not satisfied you ave the option of installing up to 30g of additional mass, if that’s your thing.

The clever design features show through the hole kit, not only do you get the option of adding the extra weight, it has a small storage compartment for the weights built right into the receiver module, a beautiful touch.

The Most Expensive Gaming Mouse

OK, Asthetically this mouse may not be to everyones taste, it sure does look like it would be more suited to a transformers movie set, but please, don’t let that first impression put you off what is most probably the very best gaming mouse the world has ever seen, an advanced weapon that can be used to the very best advantage in the right hands.

Cyborg Rat 9 Best Gaming Mouse

The Worlds Best Mouse?

It looks uncomfortable, but I can assure you that it is not, 10 minutes of adjustment, I guarantee you it will fit your hand like a glove. The engineering that has been put into the adjustment alone in phenomenal. You truly have to see to believe.

The Best Gaming Mouse say you should stand tall above your enemies, proudly sporting your Cyborg RAT 9, safe in the knowledge that you very well could be, unbeatable.

This is the most expensive gaming mouse for very good reason.

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